March 2018 Site Update!

Hey everyone!  After a long time, this site is finally getting an update!  Over the last few years, I was a part of Gospel & Gaming, a missions organization dedicated to empowering gamers with the gospel, and equipping the church to go out and do the same.  My primary role in the ministry was to serve as its Content Director, organizing the various pieces of content (articles, videos, interviews, etc.) that were published onto the ministry’s website.  Unfortunately, due to some changes within our organization, the team felt that God was shutting the door on Gospel & Gaming and calling us elsewhere.  Personally, I still feel that God is calling me to write about geek/gaming culture and faith.

So now I’m back here!  The Heartland Gamer was a website that I started prior to joining Gospel & Gaming, and it’s where I’ll be posting my writing for the time being.  I plan to start posting new articles in April; between the upcoming celebration of Easter and several other personal issues all piling up at once right now, I won’t be able to put up anything new in March.  But stay tuned!  Next month I’ll be talking about the Ready Player One movie, as well as beginning a series of articles on diversity in gaming culture.

I hope that this website proves to be a blessing to all who read it, and I look forward to sharing more soon!

-Michael Mendis

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