Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

The launch of Insomniac Games’ new Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, is just a week away, and Insomniac has just released their launch trailer for the game.  I’ve been excited for this since it was announced at E3 2013; the colorful, zany art style really stands out compared to a lot of other AAA shooters released these days, and the Jet Set Radio-inspired traversal looks like a lot of fun.

Be warned, there is some strong language in this trailer (though in the final game there is an optional language filter for those who want it).  Don’t be fooled by the colorful world, this is an M-rated game.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

  1. In what way do you see it standing out, specifically? My main concern is that it may become a soup of so many enemies and so much chaos that it’ll be a “wade in, blast in, rinse, repeat” ad nauseum. I hope not, but they have an uphill battle to prove it otherwise to me. I’ll be waiting for the reviews, yours in particular.


    • The art style is what stands out about the game to me at first glance; the colorful, cartoony characters and environments are a sharp contrast to what I see in a lot of other shooters these days. In terms of gameplay, I’m really digging the Jet Set Radio style traversal of grinding along power lines and running along walls. I agree that the combat has the potential to become repetitive, but I’m hoping that the wild weaponry, as well as the variety of enemy types (mutants, humans, and robots) will keep things interesting throughout the game.

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