Xbox One November Update

Microsoft has been updating the Xbox One every month since the console launched almost a year ago, and the November 2014 update (now available to preview members) adds some exciting new features to the OS.  One highly requested feature being added in November is background customization, which allows you to set the dashboard background to display solid colors or achievement art from achievements that you have unlocked.  Another new feature is the Showcase, which lets players display noteworthy achievements or game clips at the top of their profile page.

Perhaps the new feature that I am most excited, though, is the ability to post GameDVR clips directly to twitter, since this will allow me to quickly share game clips with all of you via the Heartland Gamer twitter account!  I plan on uploading some videos in the next day or two, so keep an eye out for them!

Below is a video by Major Nelson describing some the new features being added next month, and for full details, check out Major Nelson’s blog.

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